What's holding you back from the U.S. market?
Making The Choice To Enter the U.S.

Making the choice to enter the U.S. is easy. But, committing to make it successful requires thoughtful determination, a willingness to learn, and application of frequent, perfection analysis and follow-up correction of critical business strategies and tactics in order to avoid disappointing results and failure.

No two states are alike. Every state has different business laws, cultures, regulations and economic conditions that shape the development of business and the future of the country.

Marquis' first responsibility is to understand your country and business culture. Next, our job is to enable you to learn how to understand the major and minor differences in the U.S. To accomplish that we engage with your management to collaborate in planning, execution and take responsibility, with management, for the outcomes.

We are a team of experts who work with you to build and execute, within 3 months, a clear complete plan and startup that separates you from your competitors and assures your successful entry and expansion in the U.S. 


We have helped to be successful businesses in electric motors, network management software, semiconductor equipment, telecommunications, banking and a number of others.


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Steve Anderson, Managing Partner | Marquis Advisory Group, LLC


Howe Yuen, CEO | Akribis Systems Pte Ltd.

Whom We Have Worked With

In 1993, founder of Marquis, Steve Anderson, was engaged by Silicon Valley Bank during a organizational restructuring with multiple assignments over nearly 2 years in the professional and shareholder investment world; sustaining customer confidence; applying TQM throughout the bank and building employee culture strengthening.

For the next 25 years, his firm has introduced many non-U.S. firms to a path of success in the U.S. starting with an Australian biotech firm traded on both the Australian stock exchange and on the U.S. Nasdaq, as well as a heavy run on IPOs in the late 1990s. Clients have come from Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Europe as well as the U.S.

How We Work

Marquis resources are wide and deep, internationally through its affiliations with firms with significant professional skills in Australia, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Russia; and an Advisory Board of professionals in e-commerce, M & A, Marketing, AI analysis in finance, and technology management.


That is the top level. More where they reside and outside of their expertise. All at your disposal.


We do not charge by the hour. We engage via project-based retainers with the objective of a long-term relationship that takes Marquis and its clients from first step on U.S. shores until it becomes a stand-alone success differentiating from its competition in key ways that provide customers with increased ROI.

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