What's holding you back from the U.S. market?
Your Partner in Cross-Border and Domestic Growth

Marquis brings new management skills to you and collaborates with you to assess what needs to be done and participates to a successful, tested, implementation. Think of Marquis Advisory Group as 21st century professionals who create unique keys, designed just for your business, then open the essential doors to your success.


See the people and their skills that are put to work for you.

What we do
  • Prepare for IPO or funding

  • Structure business models for 2021-2025

  • Executive and key management search

  • Engage target markets quickly

  • Organizational performance improvement

  • Competitive product development

  • Develop strategic partnerships

  • Financial modeling

  • Innovative strategies

  • Marketing technologies

  • M&A Advice

  • Sale of all or portion of company

  • Retail growth strategy and execution

  • International and U.S. marketing development

  • Capital raising - angel, VC and PE

  • Business Operations

  • Asset value increase

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