Founding Partner of Marquis Advisory Group LLC, he established his practice in San Francisco in 1993 serving Silicon Valley businesses in IPO preparation, operational efficiencies, public company investor strategy and organizational revision. The international segment interest began with an Australian biotech company listed on the ASX and NASDAQ exchanges in 1997. Before moving to San Francisco in 1993, he held executive management positions with two Fortune 500, global companies based in Philadelphia. His responsibilities in both firms were in organizational strategy and operational efficiency. Prior to that he was a journalist with The New York Times and McGraw-Hill. He currently serves as Chair of Insight Systems Inc. an IT analytics company serving U.S. government agencies, and is a member of the Board of Directors of Akribis Systems Inc.

Managing Partner



Paul has extensive experience in business operations, strategy, marketing/sales, planning, product development and business development, in the US and internationally. The industry experience has spanned across technology services with focus on web services, SaaS and related portals/mobile applications at the corporate, start-up and management consulting level, including as Director of Strategic Planning at Sprint, VP of Marketing at a Sprint Division, founder of various telecommunications start up’s (last one was successfully sold). His management consulting experience has been in the US, Russia, Canada, Argentina, Dominican Republic. He is fluent in Spanish, Russian and Italian.



Harlan Jacobs is the founder and president of Genesis Business Centers, Ltd. a diversified, high tech, for-profit incubator established in 1993. A seasoned CFO with over 20 years experience as a corporate controller and treasurer prior to forming Genesis and early stage venture (seed) capital, he served as CFO of FilmTec Corporation, a Minnesota high tech startup that developed a unique reverse osmosis membrane technology. FilmTec was sold to Dow Chemical for $75 million.


He then began focusing on early stage companies seeking first  round investments of $250,000 and then founded Genesis on a unique model at the time by offering to exchange "Acting CFO" services and paying the startup's rent for development/office space.


 He has been involved in helping Swedish and Israeli companies to enter the US market and U.S. companies identify collaboration partners  in each of these countries.



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