Our Roots

Marquis Advisory Group began in 1993 in San Francisco with its own basic principles:

  • Engage as an addition to management and accept responsibility with them.

  • There are no "cookie cutter" solutions for businesses destined for growth.

  • Give and expect transparency with clients, customers and employees.


Our role is to openly share our experience in east coast headquartered, global, Fortune 500 company strategy design and implementation, and our 25 years of being engaged in businesses in Silicon Valley, guiding international companies into the evolving U.S. business world. We compliment that with being able to provide skills and experience from our independent, highly educated and skilled Advisory Board and other experts, with the best, independent thinking expertise we have to the table.


While the U.S. appears to be understandable because of its relatively short history and stable, democratic government, commercially and legally it is complex


Our client's success is our trophy.

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