Current Clients
Akribis Systems

Akribis is a precise motion control systems company that specializes in linear and rotary motors. They manufacture and supply direct drive motors for all industries including high-tech, robotics, and bio-tech.
They have clients all over the world and offices in Singapore, China, Korea, USA, Japan, Thailand Malaysia and Germany. They have distribution channels in Asia, Europe and North America.


EasySend empowers banks and insurance companies to quickly convert paper forms and clunky PDFs into beautiful and compliant eForms without writing a single line of code. Provides full visibility into how customers interact with workflows, pinpoint problems leading to churn, enhance customer experience and drive revenue growth with powerful real-time analytics.


Know what is hammering your network. Sinefa is a Melbourne based software company founded in 2011 that is helping to transform the performance of data networks across the world.

Zynergy Capital

Zynergy Capital (formerly Repower Capital) is a project financing platform that streamlines renewable energy capital raising by analyzing, scoring, and matching projects with billions of dollars of profiled capital sources.

Past Clients

* Public Company

AC Ryan Pte Ltd | Singapore

Agile Software* | San Jose, CA

American Resources | Greenbrae, CA

Cobalt Newtorks Inc.* | Mountain View, CA

Collection House | Brisbane, Australia

Commtouch Technology Inc. | Santa Clara, CA

Crisp Califiornia Walnuts | Stratford, CA

Digitalthink* | San Francisco, CA

DSSI | Melbourne, Australia

EESTECH Ltd. | Brisbane, Australia

Exinda Pty Ltd. | Melbourne, Australia + Boston, MA

J.C. Diversified Enterprises | Hanford, CA

Gadzoox Networks* | San Jose, CA

Global Motorsports Group* | Morgan Hill, CA

Goodfellow Winery | Napa, CA

Insight Systems Inc. Melbourne, Australia + Raleigh, N.C.

InterWAVE International | Redwood City, CA

LaxoTPC | Chile

OBS Ltd. | Melbourne, Australia

OffRoad Capital | San Francisco, CA

Progen Indust. Ltd.* | Darra, Australia

Prosper | San Francisco, CA

PCTEL* | Milpitas, CA

Shaman Pharmaceuticals Inc.* | South San Francisco, CA

Silicon Motion Inc. | San Jose, CA

Silicon Valley Bank* | San Jose, CA

Trident Micorsystems, Inc.* | Mountain View, CA

USWeb/CKS (Marchfirst)* | San Francisco, CA

Value Star Incorporated* | Oakland, CA

VYYO Inc.* | Cupertino, CA

Yahoo! Inc.* | Mountain View, CA

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