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Don’t Be Blindsided by Tech Driven Disruptions

Make Waves. Be Disruptive.

Apply Emerging Technologies Early with Three Actions

  • Understand key trends in the five Technology areas

  • Determine the effects of the tech trends for your organization

  • Apply the emerging Techs with a practical 4 - step process

You want to stay updated easily about Technology trends relevant to your organization so that you can apply those trends to help maintain and grow your success. Understanding and applying complex and rapidly evolving Technology trends early and effectively is challenging but necessary for you to remain successful and to avoid being blindsided by technology-driven changes (example: now struggling retailers who failed to understand soon enough the Amazon business model).

Emerging technology-based capabilities include:

Autonomous Networked Devices and Systems

  • Self-driving ground and vertical take-off & landing (VTOL) vehicles

  • Robots for commercial and residential use

  • Exoskeletons and other intelligent augmentation tools

  • Personal portable health monitoring & treatments

Additive Custom Manufacturing

  • Rapid flexible custom production

  • Remote on-site fabrication of items

  • Artificial organ growth for humans and animals

  • Building construction – commercial and residential

Real-time Precision Optimum Information, Control, and Services

  • Customized personal biological and mechanical diagnoses and treatments

  • Precise fast on-line search results

  • Swarm intelligence for fast resolution of issues

Immersive Hands-off, Heads-up Virtual User Interface

  • Augmented real-time information assistance for professionals and others

  • Non-intrusive video display, audio, voice and free=space hand control

  • Full sensory collaborative virtual teleportation

Hybrid Flexible Power

  • Integrated battery/solar/fossil fuel motors

  • Wireless electrical charging

  • Open grid – users also provide excess generated energy to the grid

  • 4th generation nuclear – smaller, safer and cleaner

Dynamic Communications Networks

  • Software configured

  • Virtualized functions

  • Peer-to-peer multi-hop mesh

  • Ultra-wideband wireless access

Standardized Packetization of Things - information, energy, physical items

  • Open global logistics including nesting containers and real-time tracking

  • Distributed ledger for fast secure standardized transactions.

  • Quantized energy units for selling and trading

  • Containerized software that’s plug and play and self-configuring

  • Next generation information packetization

Your world is transforming to one in which goods, services and information are:

  • Decentralized – fewer intermediaries such as utilities, roads, rails, air & sea lanes, financial institutions, schools, and brick & mortar stores.

  • Distributed – full functional capabilities are in local edge devices

  • Customized – personalized foods, clothing, entertainment, and medical treatment.

  • On-demand – available instantly or near instantly.

  • Anticipatory – predictive suggestions and availability

  • Free Space – communications, power, transportation not constrained by predetermined routing

  • Usage Based – assets are paid for as needed and not owned by the user

  • Clean – less dirty and polluting

For example, the decentralization that this transformation brings may eliminate infrastructure and related problems such as widespread power outages, gas line explosions, drinking water pollution, sewage leaks, traffic jams, air traffic congestions, etc.

The framework for considering emerging Technologies and their benefits includes these layers:

  • Purposes

  • Processes

  • Platforms

  • Technologies

  • Raw Materials

Each layer is built on the capabilities of the preceding layer.

Technologies are applied by combining them into Platforms that support Processes used to fulfill the Purposes of humankind. The Internet is the most significant example of integrating Technologies and Platforms to empower individuals and society.

The primary applications of emerging Technologies that will be used by a quarter of the population in developed countries.

5 Years Future

  • Augmented real time contextual user interface, biometric access and control

  • Software defined networks/functions, more agile networks; virtual functions

  • Carbon fiber and other composite materials

  • Hybrid solar and wind economically comparable with carbon sources

  • Genetic & molecular level diagnosis

  • Manned VTOLs

20 Years Future

  • Immersive hands-off, heads-up user interface, precision search, predictive info

  • Networked common devices (e.g., lighting, HVAC, security, kitchen, AV)

  • Additive production (e.g., 3D printing; biological scaffolding)

  • Super light/strong materials: carbon nanoscale, adaptable; self-healing

  • Self-contained micro power sources that also provide energy back to the grid

  • Genetic and stem cell medical treatments

  • Unmanned ground and VTOL vehicles

Business, government and other organizations exist to serve ultimately the needs of individual people. Some organizations, of course, serve other organizations that in turn serve individuals.

These Segments use the Platforms (composed of the emerging Technologies):

  • Services – Professional & Personal

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Mining & Drilling

  • Transportation

  • Power

  • Defense & Security

  • Bioscience, Health & Medical

  • Information

  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing

  • Retail & Wholesale Trade

Each Segment uses the general Technology capabilities in ways specific to the Segment.

Systematically and routinely identify and use applications of individual and combined technologies using the following four-step process.

Step 1 Periodically schedule an in-depth review of all the key emerging technologies

Step 2 Think creatively and expansively about the possibilities for applying techs

Step 3 Identify and establish a few research and development projects

Step 4 For longer term technology capabilities, find information and monitor progress

Marquis Advisory Group has experts with the experience to help you with your planning for technology evolution.


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