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It’s Not Too Late: Here Are 7 Ways to Help You Navigate 2022

Ken Glickman, Glickman Associates

As we limp into 2022 I hope everyone has completed the most crucial task of every December – planning for the following year.

This is always a dicey chore but in the last couple of years it has been a truly formidable task. Change is the new normal.

In the critical area of people management, the challenges are particularly daunting. It is no exaggeration to state that we are in the midst of a workforce revolution.

Because of the many forces impacting their lives, employees are making new and radical decisions. Many want to continue to work at home and never return to the office, others have simply quit their jobs entirely, and still others want to have total control over their work hours.

Add in the severe shortage in the candidate pipeline and the talent management department occupies the eye of the storm.

Making the right workforce decisions during these precarious times will give you the special edge over your competition. The wrong decisions can leave you far behind the pack.

Here are some ideas to help you through these troubling times:

· Be flexible and open. Old rules and processes are passe. It’s time to look at new challenges with fresh eyes and to tackle them with bold solutions.

· Re-examine each and every employee anew. Get to know your employees as if you were meeting them for the first time. What are their interests, what are their career needs and what are their personal and family needs? How have they changed in the past few years?

· Create novel ways of screening new employees. Go beyond the resume and look for signs of creativity, flexibility, emotional intelligence, motivation, drive, ability to learn new concepts and more. In this era of totally new puzzles to solve, these “soft skills” are the key.

· Include all of your team members (leaders and staff people both) in rethinking the workplace. Open up the decision making to a broader circle. You’ll be surprised by the innovative new ideas.

· Is company loyalty an outdated concept? It shouldn’t be. Invent different ways of building loyalty to the firm and reciprocating by showing allegiance to your team members.

· Give every crazy idea or suggestion full consideration. Don’t reject anything out of hand.

· Because of death and illness caused by Covid, job instability, and family anxiety resulting from political infighting, be on the lookout for counseling needs of your employees.

Now, more than ever, people issues will dictate how well your company deals with the choppy waters ahead. Building a team based on trust, self-reliance and focused on a consistent goal has never been more important.


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