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Marquis 3D: U.S. Energy Needs Increasingly from Wind and Solar in 2021.

International Energy Agency recently reported that the share of renewable energy sources was at 29% in 2020 and are expected to significantly exceed that this year. But there is a lot more demand now and in the future.

A recent study of the renewable energy capacity in industrialized nations (40 countries) concluded that a mix of wind and solar power would meet between 72% and 91$ of the demand for almost all the countries. That does not include reliance on greater generating capacity or energy storage.

If increased battery usage for power storage is included, wind and solar could provide nearly 94% of energy requirements in some of the countries in the study.

The interesting part of this renewable energy change is that all other fuels used for energy generation declined. And, long-term contracts, priority access to the grid and a continued progress on building of new plants provided the renewable growth.

Where is the renewable energy source most prominent? In Terawatt hours, China ranks first with near 300 TWh, with the highest proportion coming from wind, second greatest is solar, hydro is equal to wind and bioenergy is the lowest.

Second major country, considerably less in TWh, is the U.S. at 100 TWh. The EU comes in third at about 75 TWh and India, fourth at about 50 TWh.

Of all the renewable generation sources, wind increased the most from 2020-2021 increasing nearly 30% and close to 300 TWh. Solar was flat in growth at about 150 TWh in the same period. Hydro also increased at by nearly 15% and about 130 TWh. Bioenergy also increased approximately 8% and 75 TWh.

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