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Principles for a Successful U.S. Business

When planning business operations in the U.S., describe the two to three key principles by which you run your business. This description provides clarity for everyone in your business about these principles with which you operate.

The example principles below are consistent with operating in the U.S. Ultimately, your principles should create the best opportunity to accomplish your goals.

Example Principles:

a) Trust, in every way, is the essential principle. The greater the mutual trust, the more worthwhile the relationship.

Can you trust me and can I trust you to:

  • Understand that individual self-interest is best served by serving the self-interest of others (as they define their self-interest) and then act on that understanding

  • Continuously improve individual professional and interpersonal competency

b) Success is dependent 80% on good relationships and 20% on the best tools and techniques

Second level principles that could flow from these overarching example principles are;

The purpose of our businesses is to exceed a sufficient return on investment

Minimize distractions from anything not related to this purpose

Clearly state the benefit of our enterprise for humankind so that the team has higher purpose

Share the plans for and the performance of our enterprise with the entire team

Actively manage an optimized portfolio of programs and projects that execute our plans.

Our employees are #1 (if they’re satisfied they take care of your customers, suppliers, partners)

Every team member ultimately is responsible for his/her own satisfaction

Continually, enhance each team member’s knowledge and skills for their benefit

Provide each team member as much financial ownership in our business as possible

Define clear high-level responsibilities for each team member

Allow and enable each member to deliver on his/her responsibilities

Self-organizing inter-discipline teams as necessary for quick and effective results

Hire slow; fire fast … it is best for everyone

Know our exit plan (and adjust it as necessary as time passes)

For more effective relationships, work with partners who share your principles

Marquis Advisory Group is one of those partners.

Let’s talk and see how we might help you.

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