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Separate Yourself from Your Competitors

And then eliminate them as the best choice in your prospective customers’ minds.

Effectively marketing your business is your biggest challenge in the U.S.

The average person in the U.S. is bombarded with more than 5,000 marketing messages per day. For your business message to break through that clutter, you must consistently apply principles of effective marketing and sales to the following:

A. Marketing Message

B. Collateral

C. Web & Social Media Marketing

D. Advertising

E. Direct Sales

F. Channel Partners

G. Events

H. Affinity

I. Referral

Marketing Message

Create a Master Message document (with variations for targeted segments/channels). Using document content, source the messaging content for customer touch points (sales scripts, product sheets, web site, blogs, etc.) The document is not static; it incorporates feedback from customers, competitors and others and evolves.

The message is essential

• It defines your business inside and outside

• It takes effort and time to create it well using key principles

The goal of your message is to help you:

Separate yourself from your competition and then eliminate them as a choice in your prospective customers’ minds

Example Search Engines

Market Share

1998 2013

Alta Vista #1 Defunct

Google Unborn #1

Google now has a dominant 85% market share

Effective marketing is based on proven principles

Following these principles and methods does not guarantee success but significantly increases the probability of success … and provides a framework to adjust the message going forward in a controlled manner.

Most marketing is based on puffery, platitudes and price cutting and leaves the prospects frustrated and unable to make an informed purchase decision. They instead decide solely based on price or recommendations from others.

Good marketing educates prospects and leads them to an informed decision.

The provider that helps inform the customer typically is viewed by the prospect as more valuable than other providers. Other providers could inform, but don’t.

The prospect is led to the conclusion that he/she should buy from you.

Develop the message until you would rate it at least an 8 out of 10 in effectiveness.

Remember that for any claim, the prospect probably is thinking: “prove it”.

These principles help you break through the marketing message clutter and have your message heard.

1) Have something good to say

Your Products, Processes and Platforms have the functionality and capacity to separate your business from your competition and eliminate them as a choice in the minds of your prospects.

Don’t waste your money on marketing until these things are in place.

2) Say it well

Using the following framework

a) Interrupt (with something familiar and/or problematic. Clever if possible, but clever is

not easy to do well and is not essential)

b) Engage (with the promise of info to follow that’s valuable to the prospect)

c) Educate (deliver the info that truly is valuable to the prospect including real

evidence to support your claims)

d) Offer (low risk next step in the buying process)

Ensure the message responds to the key interest (aka “hot buttons”) of the decision makers.

You have about one second to Interrupt and then another second to Engage a prospect. If you deliver in a useful way valuable information promised in the Engage claim, a real prospect likely will spend as much time as needed to absorb the Educate and Offer portions of your message.

3) Say it often

The average prospects must see a message 8 to 15 times before they become fully aware of it.

Typically, only 1% to 2% are ready to buy when they do become aware … so, continue communicating your message until they are ready to buy and then at that time think of you as their most logical choice.

In this context, design and orchestrate all activities to best communicate to your target audiences.

Use a compelling message plus comprehensive disciplined tactics based on these proven principles to separate you from your competitors


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