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Think Things were Bad During Covid? The Hard Work is Just Starting.

Over the past year or so, thousands of words have been published struggling to define the workplace revolution we are going through. And it’s true – the very infrastructure of corporate life is changing rapidly, and we’re confused as to what it will look like in the months to come.

At the same time, we’ve been busy congratulating ourselves on how smoothly the transition to a remote work structure went in the past months.

Peering through the rear-view mirror, it was astonishing how quickly we adapted to managing our teams through Zoom, used technology to meet our new work challenges and managed people who were working in their family rooms. There’s even a new acronym out there: WFA (work from anywhere).

But don’t look now, the hard work has just started. We are discovering that breaking a puzzle apart is easier (and more fun) than fitting all the pieces back together again.

The issues and challenges in front of us are new and managers must realize that the old work model doesn’t exist anymore

For all you MBAs out there, those dozens of hours you spent in the classroom didn’t fully prepare you for managing people that you would never see face to face. This is a whole new mind-set.

The next several years will create demand on managers that will test their flexibility, their creativity, their boldness and their ability to think outside of the box.

Your companies are going to be relying on people to help them through huge organizational issues they’ve never had to face before.

This might be just the right time for you to become a shining star in the leadership team.

But beware. If you are not open to change, too set in your ways or lagging behind in using new technology, your career might be hopelessly stymied.

Clearly the dominoes are falling, and we don’t know when the last one will drop and what the organization chart will look like when it does.

Each day we are learning about new and urgent issues to deal with.

  • Companies are frantically trying to find quality talent to fill their needs.

  • Supply chains are in total disarray.

  • Covid is loosening its grip, but employees don’t necessarily want to return to the old workplace.

  • How can corporate America build loyalty and a positive culture if employees are not in the building?

  • How will the corporate structure evolve if so many employees are working remotely?

  • Some things have improved during the lockdown. How do we integrate those successes into the new system?

  • In addition to the pandemic, cultural issues such as diversity and sexual harassment have been in the forefront.

In future articles we will discuss how you can strengthen your career by dealing with these challenges in fresh and dynamic ways.


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