Three Essentials for Your U.S. Market Entry Success

A Comprehensive Plan and Powerful Message

As you plan for entry and success in the U.S., understand your possibilities … think bigger. Then focus on your top priorities; phase in the other possibilities later.

Plan every aspect of your business and ensure all are fully integrated. These aspects include: prospective customers, places you offer products, product characteristics, business processes and the platforms and partners that support them, ad a portfolio of well-managed projects that convert your plan to the results you expect.

Amazon is the example of success. Why? Because Jeff Bezos always has focused on delighting customers. Amazon uses disciplined planning via its so-called “internal press releases” and “six pagers” to ensure it is delivering the things customers want and in a way which carefully builds every part of that delivery.

Separate yourself from your competition and eliminate them as a choice in your prospective customers’ minds. Messages and other marketing activities based on proven principles greatly increase their probability of success and your ability to improve them in a systematic way as your business evolves.

Principles, Processes, Platforms and People that Accelerate Your Growth

Superior employee and customer experiences multiply your success … fast. Don’t be blindsided by surprise disruptions to your business. You disrupt … with exceptional product features and customer, employee, partner and supplier experiences.

Define and implement lean agile processes that deliver these experiences. Eliminate wasted time and resources.

Evaluate and select the best people and platforms to support your processes. Identify the qualities you want for your team members. Then, hire slow and fire fast to ensure your team maintains these qualities.

Experienced Partners Who Takes Responsibility for Your Success

Work with partners that have people who have delivered exceptional growth. Choose partners committed to your success who roll up their sleeves to deliver it.

Establish and maintain a team of high performance partners in whom you have confidence (advisors, suppliers, alliances, professional services, etc.). Don’t compromise.

Marquis Advisory Group is one of those partners.

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